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Unlike new equipment, upgrades usually do not come out of your own budget. Most upgrades are financed through other budgets including: district repair budgets; technology funds since we are changing the computer in the machine; or through special needs funds, since once these machines are upgraded, they will be much easier for a special needs student to be successful. Upgrades often make it possible for the vocational-technical supervisor to tap into funds that otherwise would not be available. Equipment purchased under Perkins can often be repaired under Perkins. Also, it is often much easier to get school boards to approve repairs on existing equipment than purchasing new equipment. Depending on the machine, most upgrades range from 1⁄2 to 1/20th of the replacement cost of a machine and will usually allow it to operate better than new.

If You Do Not See Your Machine, Call For A Quote

CNC Upgrade Price: Includes everything needed – software, electronics, install, 18 month warranty, and training. Add CAM software and a modern PC computer with 2 available USB 2.0 Ports and available Cat-5 port.

Light Machines CNC Router VC-LMCR Upgrade

All Techno Routers
Under 4’X4’

Light Machines
Pro Light Lathe or Mill VC-PL

Light Machines Spectralight Mill VC-SLM Upgrade

Light Machines Spectralight Lathe VC-SLL Upgrade

All Shopbot Routers

For a fraction of replacement cost, update old DOS machines to Windows

All Phoenix/ Magnum/ Paxton Wood Lathes VC-PMPPL Upgrade

All Phoenix/ Magnum/ Paxton Routers VC-PMPPR Upgrade

All Paxton Lathes VC-PPL Upgrade

D&M 3 or 4 & Lab Volt 5400 Mills VC-DMM34 Upgrade

D&M 5 or Lab Volt 5500 VC-DML5 Upgrade

D&M 5, 6 or Lab Volt 5600 VC-DMM5 Upgrade

All Emco Compact 5 Lathes VC-CP5L Upgrade

Emco Compact 5 Lathes If it has a Tool Turret Add VC-CPTT

ALL Emco F1 Mills VC-EF1M Upgrade

All Denford Routers VC-DFMR Upgrade

All Denford MicroMills, Scantek, LabVolt, B&G, & Midwest VC-DFMM Upgrade

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