Titan CNC Router

Titan Series Router Models

The Titan Routers are cost effective heavy duty machines made of structural aluminum The floor space is about 2’ larger than the work area. This is a great model for upstairs and other installations requiring special handling since they are lighter weight than steel.

Includes Control Computer, CAD/CAM software, tooling set, MDF Table with Aluminum T Slots, Clamping system, curriculum, 3-1/2 HP Router, wrenches, operates on 110V 20A

TitanR 24″ x 20″ CNC Router 609x508mm – Call for Price
TitanR 48″ x 20″ CNC Router 1220x508mm – Call for Price
TitanR 48″ x 48″ CNC Router 1220x1220mm – Call for Price
TitanR 48″ x 96″ CNC Router 1220x2438mm – Call for Price
TitanR 60″ x 120″ CNC Router 1524x3048mm – Call for Price

Key Points:

  • Heavier Duty than FabBot with larger structural alum.
  • Can be disassembled for smaller doors & take upstairs
  • Comparable features to MakerFab except AL frame
  • Complete Turnkey package
  • Best in it’s comparable price class
  • Tutorials available
  • True 3D with continuous contouring
  • Single Source 3 year, on-site, parts & labor warranty

Vacuum Table systems includes pump & Table
24X24 Vac System upgrade 110V
48X24 Vac System upgrade 110V
48X48 Vac System upgrade 220V3PH
48X96 Vac System upgrade 220V3PH
60X120 Vac System upgrade

Aluminum T-Slot Table
48X20 or 24 T-Slot Table upgrade
48X48 T-Slot Table upgrade
48X96 T-Slot Table upgrade
60X120 T-Slot Table Upgrade

Spindle Upgrades
2.5 HP 1PH High Freq. spindle
6 HP 3 PH High Freq. spindle
12 HP 3 PH High Freq. spindle
1.5 HP 110V H. Freq. 6 pos ATC spindle
6 HP 3Ph H. Freq. 6 pos ATC spindle
6 HP Manual Quick Change Spindle

Other Options
3D Digitizing probe
6” Fourth Axis
Wireless Jog Pendant
Desiccant Dryer System for ATC’s
Pneumatic cooler for plastics & metals

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