Forest Scientific Competitive Advantages

1. Made in the USA at our world headquarters in Tionesta, PA

2. Single Source, On-Site, Parts & Labor 36 month warranty on all new CNC machines made by Forest Scientific Corporation. Most of our competitors warranties are 1 year and parts only. This means that you will save the $3,000.00- $7,500.00 that others charge to have someone come on-site per visit from the factory if a problem occurs during the warranty. Do not assume other manufacturers will come to your location for free. They won’t. Many do not offer on-site service for any price.

3. On-site training is available for you and your students to ensure a successful start. It is more effective for initial training to be on your own equipment than to go to a training site. With your approval, students are trained to assist and help train other students. Written & video tutorials and curriculum are available to show your students while teaching classes. Additional training is available on-site, at one of our training centers, and over the internet.

4. Free phone and intemet support is available nearly 24/7. Versus being charged by the minute during restricted office hours to get help. You can talk to someone in the evening and on weekends so you are not limited to office hours. Even our CEO freely gives out his cell number to call or text.

5. Unless otherwise specified, all FSC machines come fully assembled. Most of our competitors erector set kits will require 40-80+ hours of your time to assemble. Our machines are often running within an hour of arrival if the electricity & airline are ready. Buy a machine, not a box of parts.

6. Our CNC controls connect to the computer via USB or Cat 5, not outdated parallel port, serial port, ISA ports, or other port that require a DOS or other outdated computer. Do not assume that the technology is current. Many of the best marketed products are very out of date.

7. Hardened, profiled, made in USA, Precision NSK or THK linear ways and bearings not just wheels on plate steel or angle iron. These machines cannot be bumped out of place like most of the machines in the same price range. The grease fitting on each linear bearing ensure a dependable life.

8. All our CNC machines use industry standard Fanuc style G&M codes, not a proprietary language. Thus you are teaching marketable skills, not just playing with a dead end toybot. You can use any CAD/CAM software producing industry standard G-Codes such as Mastercam, Surfcam, Edgecam Enroute, Vcarve, Fusion 360, SolidWorksCam, Rhinocam, Inventor with HSM, and more.

9. We use more powerful stepper & servo motors on our machines to be more reliable.

1O. Welded steel frames, and structural aluminum hold up better in the long term than bent sheet metal and bolted angles because they will not work loose or get out of alignment over time.

11. FSC machines have an Emergency Stop and safety reminders for users to operate the machine safely.

12. Forest Scientific Corporation machines and upgrades are designed to be updated at a low cost when technology changes.

13. Our local dealers are carin rofessionals rovidin on-site su ort second to none.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 1-800-956-4056 or +1-814-463-5006

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