FabBot Platform CNC Router

FabBot Desktop ATC CNC Router

FabBot Platform Series Router Models

Each of the fully assembled CNC Routers below include Control Computer, CAD/CAM software, tooling set, MDF Table with Aluminum T Slots, Clamping system, curriculum, 1-1/4 HP Router, wrenches operates on 110V 20A

The floor space is about 2’ larger than the work area. Maximum 1.5HP spindle.

FabBotR 48″ x 20″ CNC Router – Call for Price
FabBotR 48″ x 48″ CNC Router – Call for Price
FabBotR 48″ x 96″ CNC Router – Call for Price

(ALL X 20” Models fit through standard 36”door)

Key Points:

  • Entry Level economy system
  • Can make anything that higher end can make
  • Easiest model to get up stairs due to lighter weight with structural aluminum
  • Complete Turnkey package
  • Best in it’s comparable price class
  • Most popular for those on a tight budget
  • Single Source 3 year, on-site, parts & labor warranty

4th Axis Example
The 4th Axis allows the user to wrap a 2D or 3D image around the material or replicate a part the would usually require a lathe.

Vacuum Table systems includes pump & Table
24X24 Vac System upgrade 110V
48X24 Vac System upgrade 110V
48X48 Vac System upgrade 220V3PH
48X96 Vac System upgrade 220V3PH
60X120 Vac System upgrade

Aluminum T-Slot Table
48X20 or 24 T-Slot Table upgrade
48X48 T-Slot Table upgrade
48X96 T-Slot Table upgrade
60X120 T-Slot Table Upgrade

Other Options
3D Digitizing probe
6” Fourth Axis
Wireless Jog Pendant

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