FabBot CNC Plasma

FabBot Platform Series Plasma Models

Each of the CNC Plasma cutters below include:
Control Computer, CAD/CAM software, ATH, Hypertherm 45 Plasma system, and training tutorials. 110V 20A machine 240 V 50A plasma cutter.

The floor space is about 2’ larger than the work area.

FabBotP 48″ x 20″ CNC Plasma – Call for Price
FabBotP 48″ x 48″ CNC Plasma – Call for Price
FabBotP 48″ x 96″ CNC Plasma – Call for Price

Key Points:

  • Entry Level low cost system made of structural Alumin
  • Only model without a watertable
  • Can make anything that higher end can make
  • Easiest model to get up stairs due to lighter weight
  • Complete Turnkey package
  • Best in it’s comparable price class
  • Automatic Torch Height
  • Magnetic Break-Away
    • Ohmic touch off and automatic Voltage setting
    • Tutorials available
  • Most popular for those on a tight budget
    • Single Source 3 year, on-site, parts & labor warranty
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