Co2 Laser Engraver / Cutters

Co2 lasers are for cutting woods, plastics, leather, fabrics and can engrave glass, anodized metals

Call 1-800-956-4056 for our laser catalog

Fiber Lasers

Fibers lasers are only used for cutting and engraving metals

We offer many different configurations for just engraving and those that can cut 1/2″ steel

Call 1-800-956-4056 to discuss your application so that we can provide the best configuration for your applications.

Laser Service

If you have a laser that you do not know how to use or needs service, we may be able to assist.

Call 1-800-956-4056 for a custom quote depending on what needs done and your location.

Recommended Portable blower exhaust kit for all systems – Call for Price

Optional In-Room Filtration Systems ( for when you can’t vent outside)
Mobile base fume extraction carts for desktop Lasers – Call for Price
For Free standing lasers 24″ x12″ and larger – Call for Price

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